The Consultation

I offer a free 20 minute consultation for anyone interested in pursuing Life Story work. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the process and for us to discuss how suitable the process might be for you. I’ll also ask you about your hopes and expectations for the process, both to check I am the right service for you, and also to make sure that the process can be tailored according to the issues close to your heart. In this way, Life Story work is wholly individualised and tailored for your own needs.

Session Fees

During consultation we discuss fees, which may be negotiable and dependent on your financial situation. I bill in a variety of currencies for your convenience. We can discuss which therapeutic service you desire, and the fee structure that would suit you best during your free consultation.

Additional Fees

The majority of consultations are carried out via Skype, which means that no additional fees will be incurred.

Telephone sessions are also available, with the Life Story interview component held on speakerphone to aid recording. These calls will be charged at extra cost if to numbers outside of the United Kingdom.

In-person sessions are also available, but will incur a small charge to cover the associated cost of room hire.

Payment of Fees

All payments may be made either via Paypal or directly (via sortcode and account number) into Life Story’s bank account. Invoices are emailed for all charges incurred and the use of Paypal ensures that clients outside the UK do not incur transfer charges when making a payment. It is not necessary to have a Paypal account to make a payment using Paypal. However, if you have any concerns regarding payment methods or fees, do please contact me.