Who is this for?

This is for anyone who is struggling to achieve their dreams, whether these are short term in vision or longer life projects. You might want to finally achieve that dream of daily exercise, or you might want to actually get that house of your dreams.

In fact, I’ve noticed Third Culture Kids especially can struggle to even allow themselves to have dreams. So this is for anyone who wants more – even if that first step is acknowledging what their dream is!

The frequent mobility in childhood, while potentially opening up vistas of opportunity that are thoroughly life enhancing, also truncates our timeline in a way that can seriously interfere with our ability to dream for our futures. We can become reactive, effective at dealing with the reality in front of us, but less able to set goals and imagine how we can achieve longer term projects.

As a TCK myself I know how hard it can be to allow dreams to take shape, to admit our desires and hopes. But I also know the power of being able to feel a dream come to fruition and just how life changing that can be.

What is it? 

Dream coaching is a targeted approach to growth that focuses sessions on creating clear action points that will take us towards our dreams.

Coaching tends to be a fast-acting method of making changes, so can be especially encouraging when we feel stuck, knowing we want change but unsure how to get it.

How does it work?

In coaching, we trust entirely to you and your own resources, with my contribution to sessions being in the form of active listening, enthusiastic support and targeted questions that invite you to deepen your own knowledge of what you could do to get to your dream.


I charge £50 an hour, and I charge weekly with payments to be made before the session time ideally. If this fee feels unworkable though, please do talk to me about this, as I am sometimes able to offer reduced rates. Talking it through usually allows us to come up with a solution!

I use a platform called SquareUp, which will deliver your invoice by email with a button that will allow you to pay by card. On the rare occasion this is problematic with your card, I can also invoice by PayPal.

I send invoices on a Monday, but these are only payable just before our session that we’ve booked.