On sale now!

I’m so excited to let you know that my book; Incredible Lives and the Courage to Live Them: Thoughts of a Third Culture Kid therapist is now available to order in hardback, paperback and ebook.


Incredible Lives and the Courage to Live Them: Thoughts of a Third Culture Kid therapist

by Dr Rachel Cason

If you are an adult TCK, you probably sense that the multicultural, high mobility experiences of your childhood continue to impact your life in some way now. Making sense of the impact of these experiences, however, can feel overwhelming, especially if we have long experience of our stories being met with bafflement and incredulity.

My hope is that this collection of my thoughts over the last seven years of working with Third Culture Kids will create space for you to explore and make sense of the incredible life you’ve lived.

As you read, I hope that you feel the invitation of community and belonging where you see your personal experience shared by so many others.

So get comfortable, know you are oh-so welcome, and enjoy the journey! These pages are for you, offered with love and care to you from this TCK therapist.

I’m so excited to announce that the Audiobook version of “Incredible Lives” will be available soon via Amazon! And as an added bonus I’m making the reference list available here now: Incredible Lives Reference List