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A friend of mine is published in the current edition of ‘Among Worlds’ magazine. This magazine is the only Third Culture magazine in publication, and it is managed by Interaction International. The website declares:

Among Worlds fills a real need by addressing issues that are relevant to adult TCKS today and it “reunites” them with others of similar experience. Among Worlds will also help current parents, educators and others better understand the needs and experiences of the TCKs whose lives they are shaping today.

The news was a reminder to me to subscribe, and with international subscription billed at $25 (about £17.50 or €23) a year, for quarterly issues, it’s a steal. Visit this page to subscribe today!

My friend is a Third Culture Kid blogger, and writes from a position of faith… If you are new to the world of TCK blogs, it’s a good place to start and there are many other TCKs out there, expressing their experiences through prose. Maybe you could be one of them? 😉

“Third Culture Kids are the children of people working outside their passport countries, and who are employed by international organisations as development experts, diplomats, missionaries, journalists, international NGO and humanitarian aid workers, or UN representatives. The “third culture” they possess is the temporary, nomadic multicultural space they inhabited as children, within an expatriate community and, in some cases, international school. This culture is distinct from their parents’ homeland culture (the first culture) and from that of the country in which they spend their formative years but of which they are not native members (the second culture). The “third culture” inhabited by Third Culture Kids does not unite the first and second cultures, but rather comprises a space for their unstable integration (Knörr, 2005).”

Cason, R., 2015, pg. 3. ‘Third culture kids’: migration narratives on belonging, identity and place. PhD Thesis. Keele University

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