Photo by Janne, G.

Who’s ready for Spring?

Photo by Janne, G.
Photo by Janne, G.

This time of year can be tiring. Wearing even. We’ve had the glitz, the festivities, the glitter, the parties… We’ve had the fun bit of winter – Christmas – and now we’re done. The winter adventure that consists of cosy evenings, blustery (perhaps even snowy) adventures and hot chocolates cannot be sustained… now we are just tired. Well, I am.

I am tired of grey. I am tired of rain. I want flowers. I want sun. I want warmth and yard play. I want colour and flowers poking their heads through the cold hard ground, promising hope and new life by their very presence. “Here we are,” they call. “We told you we’d come round again.”

No season challenges our sense of hope so much as winter. In the dark and the cold, we draw on our hope that the spring will bring new life and colour.

Clients meet with me in their tired seasons… And I hear their stories, cherish their histories, and sit with them in the grey and the cold of their present winter. Then we poke around the snowdrifts of remembered pain and loss, and find the snowdrops… the hope-bearers of the future… Together we find new life, new hope, new promise of colour yet to come…

Contact me if you are wondering if Life Story could help you in your winter season, if you feel you could do with help finding the snowdrops. I’m here at and would be honoured to hear your story.

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