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“I’m just like trying to take it on a day to day basis, ‘cause I know, there’s like this thing that I can’t, like, place my finger […] like wanderlust or whatever.”






These are the words of one of the Third Culture Kid contributors to my thesis… He describes so perfectly the restlessness of the historic traveller… The internal jumpiness that sets in after a few years in one place, the need to be able to envisage, if not actually instigate, change just around the corner… the wanderlust…

This wanderlust can act as a spark that keeps life exciting, the catalyst to new projects, new challenges, new adventures.

It can also be an inhibitor of future planning, of laying down roots, or developing or keeping relationships… in short, it can encourage the growth of new shoots, but can limit mature fruitfulness.

How do we harness wanderlust and avoid being blown about by it? If we want to move and uproot, how can we do this in a way that is mindful of what has gone before? If we want to stay and settle, how can we satisfy a need for change that doesn’t threaten to uproot us?

The key to both questions is in identifying our end goals, our desires. What do we want? Identifying this isn’t always a straightforward process, yet it is the foundation of all wise decision-making… If we know what fruit we want to harvest, we know what to plant.

If identifying your end goals is tough in the face of present challenges, get in touch… Life Story work could help clarify your next steps… Email me at

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