Use the nice spoon…


Morning! Yesterday I didn’t post to this blog as usual… Instead I took a ‘Rest and Rejuvenate’ day. I’d been a bit poorly over the weekend and life had been oh, so busy… so when my sister suggested spending some time together, I didn’t need a lot of persuading.

We ‘treated’ ourselves all day… window shopped unhurriedly, as in the days before children (!), tried out a new restaurant, luxuriated in the the amount of ‘free time’ stretching before us… It felt fantastic and I came away from it determined to build more of these days into my life. 

Mostly, however, I don’t have the luxury of just taking a day out of reality and responsability… and after all, I love my reality and responsabilities – on the whole 😉 But that feeling of taking time, over myself, was precious, and reminded me whose life this was anyway.

Being able to enjoy the little pleasures of life is one of the secrets to contentment, I believe, and sometimes a day is needed to remind myself of what these little pleasures are.

  • using the nice spoon when making my cup of tea
  • trying out a new recipe
  • making time to tidy/reorder my home… taking care of the space around me makes sure it’s a nice space to spend time in!
  • visiting a new place, finding a new place to feel ‘at home’ in
  • buying seeds, and planning my tiny garden
  • making sure I read some of my book before sleeping… love feeling like a ‘reader for pleasure’ again, after so much time reading for work and studies

What are your little pleasures? And how can you incorporate more of these throughout your day?

Sometimes it’s a whole day ‘out’ that’s needed, to just rebalance things. And at other times, it’s using the nice spoon to make your tea…



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