Life Story Transition Support

Transition Support

“Transition Support” begins with a client before a projected move or transition, and continues to offer support throughout the transition event itself and for a number of months afterwards.

This package may be especially beneficial to students anticipating a return ‘home’ to their passport country for university studies. My research and experience suggest that while students may have access to support pre-departure, and appear to manage the initial transition well, it may be a few months or even a year later that challenges emerge.


What this package includes

It is important to remember that where change has been familiar, stopping in one place is not, and it may be that a period of stillness must pass before the student experiences a need for specialist support and understanding. Crucially, by this point, they may have little access to the support mechanisms they left in their previous location and few emotional resources to seek support in their current location.

This is where “Transition Support” stands in the gap. By building relationships with the client pre-departure, and maintaining a supportive presence during and post transition, clients have ready access to empathic and pertinent resources if and when challenges emerge. The initial life story session will have taken place pre-departure, so the client will already feel ‘understood’ and familiar with their therapist at the point at which they feel the need for more focused support.

This package begins with an initial double session to record the client’s life story, followed by hourly sessions on a schedule that best suits the client. This schedule will be flexible to take into account the ‘unknowns’ of many transitions, but at least one session a month will be made available to the client, though this can be more frequent if so required. Email and telephone support can also be offered.

A group package can be arranged should a sending organisation, such as an international school, wish to secure this service for a number of its pupils.

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