The Life Story Process

The Life Story Process

The Life Story Process consists of 3 distinct stages:

  1. The Life Story Interview
  2. Analysis
  3. Follow-Up Sessions

Stages 1 and 3 are collaborative, taking place during our sessions. The analysis stage is done between sessions, drawing upon notes I have made. 

I am happy to engage with individual clients either via Skype or in-person.

The Life Story Interview

Our work together would begin with a double session of two hours to hear your life story, which will be recorded. This recording will remain completely confidential, between you and me. In this time you will walk me through your life, from birth to the present day, focusing as you feel relevant on any events that are of special significance to you. I may ask follow up questions as we move through your story, to expand my understanding of your experiences.


During your life story interview, I take thorough notes to map out your narrative. After the session I then revisit this, with the recording of your story to add to any ‘pieces’ of the puzzle that my notes may have missed. The ‘data’ of your story then gives way to emergent patterns and themes, using processes and approaches honed though my doctoral research and experience. I then examine these through the prism of the challenges you are currently facing, such as we will have discussed during your consultation. In this way it becomes possible to explore the ways in which your past is contributing to your present. The findings from this process then go on to inform our subsequent sessions together.

Follow up sessions

I will then work with you in follow up sessions of approximately one hour each to explore themes and patterns emergent in my initial analysis. These sessions will provide an opportunity to reflect on these themes and their interplay throughout your life story, as well as in your present day life. They will also be used to explore how you want to construct, or reconstruct your future in light of these, and the means by which this may be achieved.