TCK Conference Planning…

No Christmas decorating for me this weekend (*cough, cough* already done that 😳 ) Nope, I’m off to spend the weekend with the oh-so-talented committee for the next EuroTCK conference. We’ll be spending the time together discussing and planning the conference to come, and working out the logistical detail as well. eurotck_flyer_joined (1)

    The last EuroTCK conference was a really exciting time; an amazing opportunity to hear from Ruth van Reken, our plenary speaker, and benefit from her insights into the TCK experience. You can get a flavour of the topics presented on this page. DrieCulturen, a fantastic TCK blog, conveyed a taste of the conference here.

    EuroTCK 2013 covered a wide range of topics relating to growing up ‘among worlds’ and the various impacts of this experience on the children of expatriates. Adult TCKs were well represented, as attendees, presenters and as TCKs workers themselves. For myself, to be immersed in a community of TCKs and TCK workers was an extraordinary experience... the TCK, unless they re-join expatriate organisations as adults, can often find themselves ploughing a lonely furrow. 

    I also was priviledged to co-present workshops on Adult TCK identity, and TCKs and Relationships, based on my research findings as well as my own TCK story. Attendees were overwhelmingly generous with their own stories, with empathy and interest drawing patterns and connecting experiences into a rich tapestry throughout the conference. I’m excited to be involved again in shaping the EuroTCK conference… and to spend the weekend with some stunningly talented and experienced TCK advocates.

Plus, the weekend will be child-free. Did I mention that? 😉 

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