Speaking Engagements

I am always delighted when I have to opportunity to deliver training, workshops, seminars and presentations. If you would be interested in having me come and speak at any event, on the topic of Third Culture Kids or Life Story work, do contact me.

“Brilliant”, “Very enthusiastic”, “Engaging”, “Fabulous!”

“You have a very engaging way of delivering your talk. I had not come across or heard of TCKs and found it very interesting. Thank you!”

“Able to bring back conversation/discussions back to TCKs in insightful, respectful and connecting ways.”

“Really informative. I have learned a lot an d the delivery was very engaging. Thank you!”

“Very interesting. Understanding the world of TCKs has great relevance to the wider world of counselling.”

Past Presentations and Training Sessions

Lincoln Centre for Grief and Loss: Grief and Loss in the Lives of Service Children & Other Nomads (2017)

Lincoln Counsellors Network Meeting: Highly Mobile Children and Adult Nomadism (2017)

ACS Hillingdon, London: Nurturing a Settled Sense of Self, student and parent workshops (2016)

Families in Global Transition Conference: Presented doctoral research results in the Research Forum, and co-presented in ‘The Evolving TCK Profile: Research Findings on Identity and Belonging, with Practical Applications in Today’s World’ (2016)

Euro TCK: Co-presented on two workshops, ‘Adult TCK Identity’ and ‘TCKs and Relationships’ (2013)

Social Sciences Lunchtime Seminar at Keele: ‘The identity of the researcher and getting at the truth’ (June 2011)

Postgraduate Conference at Keele: ‘The Internet as Method: Researching Geographically Dispersed Populations’ (2011)

EuroTCK: “Third Culture Kid Stress: Presentation of Initial Research and Findings” (2010)

Global Connections Conference: “Beyond School: What About Adult Third Culture Kids?” – presented initial findings from analysis as well as sharing my own TCK story. Also ‘Nurturing TCK Identity’ (2010)

African Studies at Keele Group: “Third Culture Kids: In the host country but not of the host country” (2010)

Postgraduate Conference at Keele: ‘Third Culture Kids: Another Mode of Migration’ (2009)