Do you have complex life experiences?

Does your story feel fragmented?

Do you crave settledness & purpose?

Life Story is a therapeutic tool developed to support people towards coherence and wholeness.

Your story can become a resource to support you in expressing your voice, connecting with your tribe and finding your place in the world around you.

Do you identify as a…

Third Culture Kid (or Third Culture Adult),

Global Nomad,

Military ‘Brat’, 

Business Kid,

international student or

an Adult child of Expatriates?

Or perhaps you are…

  struggling in your relationships or with a sense of belonging,

 grieving the loss of lives you had imaginged living; the loss of dreams,

 encountering challenging moments of transition in your life, such as a change in status or role: parenthood, becoming a parent of adult children, job change, etc.?

Whoever you are, whatever your story,

Welcome to Life Story.

Your voice, your tribe and your place.