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Parents of Third Culture Kids

During my research with adults who had highly mobile childhoods, the importance of family was stressed again and again as a key factor for children’s personal and social development. Highly mobile children often develop closer ties to their immediate family as the only social constant in a world of shifting cultural and community boundaries.

How can Life Story help Parents of TCKs?

Parents of TCKs face an interesting challenge: Their children’s cultural heritage will necessarily be different to their own. In some cases, siblings in the same family will identify with different cultures or even nationalities, both enriching and complicating the family’s cultural narrative.

Any parent, globally mobile or not, may experience the ways in which our own histories impact upon our experiences as parents. For the parents of TCKs, the echos of our own stories in the lives of our children resounds all the more deeply when layered with different cultural heritages. This process is as significant for parents who happen to be TCKs themselves, and are now raising second-generation TCKs, as well as for parents of more geographically settled histories. 

Indeed, the experiences of TCKs are best understood in the broader context of their expatriate upbringing, including the context of parental story. Life Story works with this context to ground current challenges in the ‘bigger picture’ of the past and it’s surrounding cultural climate. 

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