Life Story Research

My Research

My doctoral thesis is titled: Third culture kids’: migration narratives on belonging, identity and place. For those interested, you can download the full PDF from my university website here. The results chapters might especially be of interest to other Third Culture Kids, parents or fellow researchers. The reference list might also be of interest to those conducting their own Third Culture Kid research.

My background is in fieldwork and research and as part of Life Story I want to continue contributing to the ever-increasing volume of works in the areas of Third Culture Kids and life story interviewing. I will continue to write papers and blog posts, contribute to and facilitate workshops and seminars in these areas.

How I use Life Story work (with consent)

As I am passionate about research in this field, I ask clients to consider if they would be willing to give me permission to use their stories, anonymously, in the development of my writing and in any future research projects on my part. The second portion of the downloadable consent form here is where a client’s consent may be indicated.

It is important to note, however, that no client should feel under any obligation to sign this second consent. It is not necessary for the purposes of pursuing life story work.

Collaborative Research and/or Publications

If you are interested in working with me, or would like me to contribute to your publication, please contact me so we can discuss this in detail.