Life Story One-to-One Sessions

One-to-One Sessions

I work primarily with individual clients, walking alongside them through their story and facilitating an empowered approach the next chapters of this narrative. This individual work enables intimate engagement with the client’s story, full focus on the details of the narrative, and a collaborative exploration into the future journey.

Life Story work is about you and I will accompany you along the paths you are forging. There are some paths that might especially call to you, however, and this page explores three that frequently arise in my work with Third Culture Kids.

Life Story One-to-One Sessions

Home Building

Many Third Culture Kids, and others of transitory backgrounds, struggle to build “home” into their lives. Perhaps your childhood was full of a sense of community, and you are struggling with the lack of this in your adult life? Perhaps you want to establish a sense of home where you are currently living but struggle to know where to start?

Whether we prefer to carry our homes with us, or establish them in one place, a settled sense of home is central to our sense of belonging and rootedness. “Home-Building” will help you with both the emotional and practical implications of building the home you need, and support you as you explore the connections between home and community.

Life Story One-to-One Sessions

Integration: Self and Place

Life Story work looks at bringing your memories of past places into sharper focus, and grounding past experiences in the present. In this way it becomes possible to feel more empowered in your expression of self, because not only do the individual pieces look clearer, but they now work together, integrating themselves into the broader picture of You!

We often work with so many competing identities, originating in so many different places, that the tensions between them threaten to overwhelm us. Where do we belong? Who are we here? Am I really being ‘me’?

Life Story work takes time to examine the pieces of our Selves, and gets them working together in harmony.

Life Story Myself as Author

Myself as Author

Life Story work focuses on elements of the client’s history where their authorship of their own story was superseded by others, or by external events.

Those with fragmented or complex histories are likely to struggle with a certain sense of their story having ‘gotten away from them’, and the belief that the way it has always been is the way it will always be. This can cause challenges for the client in terms of fatalistic thinking and stress around decision-making.

As we work together, we combat these beliefs by re-centring the client as author and hero/heroine of their own story to empower them in writing their next chapters.