Life Story Myself as Author

Myself as Author

This “Myself as Author” work focuses on elements of the client’s history where their authorship of their own story was superseded by others, or by external events.

Those with fragmented or complex histories are likely to struggle with a certain sense of their story having ‘gotten away from them’, and the belief that the way it has always been is the way it will always be. This can cause challenges for the client in terms of fatalistic thinking and stress around decision-making.

What this package includes

In this work together, we combat these beliefs by re-centring the client as author and hero/heroine of their own story to empower them in writing their next chapters. “Myself as Author” would begin with an initial double session to record and analysis the life story, followed by hourly sessions in a pay as you go style.

If you would like to know more about this option, and if it is the right one for you, do contact me here for a free consultation.