Life Story - Long Term Illness

Long Term Illness

Coming to terms with and managing the day-to-day challenges that a long-term illness brings can be incredibly difficult. New diagnoses can present a sense of “loss of Self” and, as time passes, it can be hard to cope with expectations regarding the managing of symptoms and the impact they have on your life.

How can Life Story help those with Long Term Illnesses?

Life Story work has potential as a powerful technique to help ‘join-the-dots’ of histories that are fragmented by the identity ruptures that take place throughout the suffering, diagnosis and subsequent life adjustments made necessary by long term illness.

Offering those managing long term illness the space to reflect on the often traumatic shifts in both personal and social identity they have experienced, Life Story work supports the strengthening of ‘Self’ so as to empower the individual to move into the future with hope.

Empathy is a powerful aid to life story processing, and may give you confidence to share all aspects of your story with me. Life Story offers a safe space to explore your history, your present situation, and the full range of your feelings about both. But Life Story goes further; it can take you into a future made brighter with hope and settledness of self.

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