Life Story is a tool that affords you the space to narrate your life, the opportunity to reflect on the patterns and themes it presents, and empowers you to move confidently into a future with a vision and clarity gleaned from a better understanding of your story.

Life Story therapy has validated my life experiences and allowed me to increasingly own my experience… It has led me to insights and comprehensions about myself… and allowed me to re-feel things.”

Space to Narrate

Life Story processing is an invitation to walk me through a guided tour of your life. I offer an unbiased ear to hear your history, and be told of the roads by which you have arrived at the here and now. We will walk the story together, with you setting the pace. Perhaps we will linger at certain memories or life events longer than others; the focus will be on your story, however you choose to tell it.


You have engaged in this life story work for a reason. Perhaps you feel stuck in a ‘rut’. Or perhaps you feel as though you want to break patterns of the past but need a helping hand to get there. Perhaps life has felt like a series of events you have hitherto simply hurtled through, and you want to develop a sense of purposeful peace about your future?

Whatever your particular concerns or interests may be, I will apply my academic training and experience to illuminate any relevant patterns that run through your story. To do this I will perform an initial analysis of your narrative, using your recorded life story to ground my observations. Then, we will work together to explore emergent patterns and themes to reflect on your journey so far, and the ways it has constructed your present day life.


Exploring the significant themes of your life story provides a context from which you can begin to construct, or reconstruct, the future you want to move into. With a new-found consciousness of the journey so far, and reflection of the impact your history has had on your present, it becomes possible to construct and plan for a future that is fully empowered to get you out of the ‘rut’, and propel you mindfully into the life that lies ahead.

Life Story: empowering the future by engaging the past