Life Story Home Building Package

Home Building

This package has been designed for the many Third Culture Kids, and others of transitory backgrounds, who are struggling to build “home” into their lives. Perhaps your childhood was full of a sense of community, and you are struggling with the lack of this in your adult life? Perhaps you want to establish a sense of home where you are currently living but struggle to know where to start?

What this package includes

Whether we prefer to carry our homes with us, or establish them in one place, a settled sense of home is central to our sense of belonging and rootedness. “Home-Building” will help you with both the emotional and practical implications of building the home you need, and support you as you explore the connections between home and community.

“Home-Building” begins with an initial double session recording your life story, followed by hourly sessions on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Do get in touch here if you would like a free consultation to discuss how “Home-Building” could help you.