Families in Global Transition 2017!


Families in Global Transition 2017 Conference

Building on the Basics: Creating Your Tribe on the Move

March 23-25, 2017 in The Hague



So last year I had the incredible privilege to attend Families in Global Transition 2016, in Amsterdam, as both delegate and speaker. It was a wonderful, if slightly overwhelming, experience to be surrounded by expatriate experts from all over the world and to hear about all the fantastic research, coaching, programs and even theatre being developed by and for expatriates and their children. I wrote about the conference in a series of posts, beginning here.

Last year I had the thrill of working alongside the wonderful author of the TCK blog, Drie Culturen, who not spurred me on to make an application but also took incredible care of me on my first visit to Amsterdam. This year I have the thrill of working with the very talented Cate Brubaker, founder of Small Planet Studio and creator of the Re-entry Relaunch Roadmap. We are combining our experiences as expat coach and TCK researcher/therapist to bring a Kitchen Table discussion to FIGT 2017.

The question we will be posing of our fellow delegates is, “Where are we looking for our Tribe?” We will collectively ponder the unintended and unexpected limitations of global horizons, and explore ways in which the global and the local can collide to expand our Tribe. The following enquiries will guide our discussion:

Are you only global when you’re abroad? 

How do you (re)define who you are when you’ve defined yourself – or have been defined – as an expat for so long? 

How can you expand your tribe to include people who aren’t expats/global in the way you are? 

How are we redefining “home”?

Where have you looked for your Tribe?

And where have you found it?

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