Data Protection and Life Story Work

Because I make and retain recordings of your life story narratives, I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. In line with the Data Protection Act of 1998, I will encrypt any files pertinent to life story work; these will be password protected. I will also store hard copies of recordings, and the recording device itself when not in use, in a lockable box with a combination padlock. In this way, your personal information will be protected to a high standard.

Confidentiality and Life Story Work

In order for Life Story work to have a positive impact, it is crucial that you feel able to trust in the complete confidentiality of our sessions. To this end, I commit to never relating any identifying detail of your narrative to any third parties without either your written permission or in cases where I fear either immediate harm to yourself or to others. This is part of my responsibility to both you, and the broader public.


In order to proceed with Life Story Work, it is important for us to go through a process of establishing informed consent, so that we can both proceed with confidence. Please read the appropriate consent form(s), check the boxes accordingly, and sign.

For signature, the ideal approach is to sign the form, scan it and email it back to me. If you do not have this facility, you can download it, type in answers on your computer to ‘fill’ it in, save it and then attach the document to an email to me at

You can download and print the consent form below.

Please sign and return, by email or post, before life story sessions commence.

Consent Form