Code of Professional Conduct

In the delivery of Life Story work, I commit to:

Treating all clients and potential clients with absolute dignity, confidentiality and respect as free and equal individuals.

Complying with both the spirit and the letter of any commercial agreements made with all clients and potential clients.

Representing true levels of status, title, competence and experience in order not to mislead, misrepresent or defraud.

Clearly stating to clients and potential clients the terms of any commercial agreement, including the expectations of both parties.

Making no claims or implications of outcomes that cannot be demonstrated or guaranteed.

Obtaining written permission from any client or potential client before releasing their names as referees.

Respecting the absolute rights of the client’s confidentiality except as expressly permitted by the client or potential client in writing or as required by law.

Recommending different coaches or resources when these will be more appropriate to the client’s needs.

Endeavouring to enhance public understanding and acceptance of life story work.

Respecting all copyrights, agreements, work, intellectual property and trademarks and comply with all laws covering such areas.

Only embarking on life story work with minors (people who have not yet had their 18th birthday) with the express written consent of parent, guardian or teacher as appropriate.

Complying with all laws and by-laws of the UK.

Ensuring that all advertisements and promotional materials, whether verbal or written, are legal, decent, truthful, honest and in compliance with the requirements of the UK Advertising Standards Authority.