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I’ve been preparing a workshop this week, a full day exploring how we can nurture a grounded sense of identity… I’m so excited! I’ll be working with students ranging from 8 to 14 years of age, and also their parents and I’ve been thinking around different metaphors that could be helpful. The anchor has been used for centuries to capture what it means to be secure in deep waters… With a strong anchor we need not fear the storms of life, but can stay secure in place.

Photo by alexas_fotos,
Photo by alexas_fotos,

I love the metaphor for another reason also… the purpose of the anchor is to be drawn up occasionally! When we are grounded, truly secure in our Selves, in Place, then we are all the better equipped to cry ‘Anchors away!’ and set sail into the next adventure… We can explore the unknown safe in the knowledge that our anchors are intact, ready to ground us again when needed or desired… They are tools that both facilitate security and adventure.

Our anchors are grounded in on our histories, they offer a sense of who we are, and how we have developed and grown over time… Reconciliation with our histories gives us confidence to face our futures, as we have knowlege of and faith in our Selves… We know where we have been and have confidence in our capabilities.

If your journey is feeling less anchored than you’d like, get in touch. I can help you ground your present in your history, developing strong anchors to secure you through the adventure yet to come.

‘Anchors away!’ 🙂

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