Life Story - Adults TCKs

Adult Third Culture Kids

During my research with adults who had highly mobile childhoods (Third Culture Kids, global nomads, expatriate kids, missionary kids, military kids, business kids), the life story interview emerged as a helpful technique to help ‘join-the-dots’ of histories that were fragmented both geographically and culturally.


How can Life Story help Adult TCKs?

The experiences of TCKs are best understood in the context of their expatriate, international upbringing, and Life Story works with this context to ground current challenges in the ‘bigger picture’ of the past and it’s surrounding cultural climate

In working with TCKs, I offer understanding as well as support.

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Life Story is a tool that affords you the space to narrate your life, opportunity to reflect on the patterns and themes it presents, and empowers you to move confidently into a future with a vision and clarity gleaned from a better understanding of your story.

Find out more about the services I offer, which have been developed based on my own experience as an adult TCK and my research into the unique challenges TCKs face.