Life Story - What's Your Story?

Do you have complex life experiences?
Does your story feel fragmented?
Do you crave settledness and purpose?


Do you identify as a: Third Culture Kid (or Third Culture Adult); Global Nomad; Military Brat; Business Kid; International Student; or an Adult Child of Expats?

Or perhaps you are: struggling in your relationships or with a sense of belonginggrieving the loss of lives you had imagined living; the loss of dreams; or encountering challenging moments of transition in your life, such as a change in status or role: parenthood, becoming a parent of adult children, job change, etc.?

Your story can become a resource to support you in expressing your voice, connecting with your tribe and finding your place in the world around you.

Life Story - Adults TCKs

Adult TCKs

Life Story helps TCKs ground current challenges in the context of their expatriate upbringing. In working with Adult TCKs I offer understanding as well as support.

Life Story - Parents of TCKs

Parents of TCKs

Parents of TCKs face an interesting challenge: their children’s cultural heritage may be different to their own. Find out how Life Story can help navigate this challenge.

Life Story - Long Term Illness

Long-Term Illness

Long term illness can deeply affect both our personal and social identity. Life Story offers a space to reflect, empowering the individual to move forward with hope.