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A week of belonging…

Photo by Magnascan,
Photo by Magnascan,

I’m wrapping things up at my desk today in preparation for a week of learning next week… I’m in the fortunate position to be delivering a workshop for ACS International School in London the first part of the week, then to be attending (and doing a little presenting at) the Families in Global Transition Conference in the Netherlands for the latter portion of the week.

As I finalize travel plans and tweak presentations, I’m trying to mentally prepare myself also. The last decade of my life has been spent in researching and working in the area of Third Culture Kids, or the children of expatriates, and at times it’s been a pretty isolated journey. Though my university supervisor was head of her field in migration studies, she’d never encountered Third Culture Kids as a concept before, and I’m now working in an area that could be easily described as marginal also.

And next week, I’ll be spending whole days and evenings with scores, and then hundreds of Third Culture Kids, Expatriate parents and their supporting professionals. I’ll be surrounded by ‘my people’… and, unaccustomed as I am to being a member of a majority group, the thought is mildly overwhelming! And exciting. And overwhelming again.

So, think of me, as I navigate the strange new world of belonging, and as I try to soak up as much as possible from the stories and experiences and expertise of those around me. I’ll let you know how it goes 😉

Where are your ‘belonging communities’? Where would you spend a week to immerse yourself in a sense of belonging? And with whom?


  1. Dan Elyea says:

    Rachel, may the Lord bless you with safety, clear expression in your presentations, useful inputs from multiple sources, great fellowship, a reserve of energy, and may you be a blessing to many others.

    Two of my “belonging communities” are MK reunions and the Mission Retirement Village. Great fellowship and strong sense of belonging in both.

    Dan Elyea

  2. Dan Elyea says:

    Rachel, quite to my surprise this evening, I found myself very emotional while listening to a gospel group singing “What a Day That Will Be.” Happened when they came to the phrase “. . . no more parting over there . . .” Wow! Didn’t expect that. True for most, possibly, but especially so for MKs. Thought that might bring you a smile. Dan

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