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New Year’s Resolution(s) – with a free download!

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve!

Got your resolutions for 2017 sorted? Or are you avoiding them, as I did for years? I hated the idea of being pinned down, committed to achieve something that seemed a good idea on January 1st… Anyway, I reasoned, if something was a good idea, it was a good idea all year round… so why make a fuss about it once a year!?

But deep down, I did like the idea of getting to the end of a year with a sense of specific achievements, and having some sort of motivator to do those things that stayed on my ‘good intentions’ list most of the year…

A broader goal list became my solution; statements of intent that covered multiple areas of life. This way I could avoid being pinned down to one goal (and the accompanying dread of failure), and yet still encourage some self motivitation for change! Simple re-framing, but effective 🙂

By some miracle all of my promises to myself got checked off this last year!

Some examples?

*A new skill I’m going to learn: Reading crochet patterns (I’m not brilliant – but I can just about begin to decode them now!)

*A new food I will try: To cook sushi (Great fun with my daughter – she went for a ‘deconstructed’ approach, removing the seaweed wrapper to eat!)

*I am going to do better at: Investing in current friendships (One for many of us TCKs 😉 New friendships, no problem. Investing over time, a skill to learn!)

To help you positively declare your promises to yourself for 2017, I’ve included a link below to a PDF for your downloading pleasure 🙂 

My 2017 Promises to Myself

I do hope it is useful to you in helping you create a vision for changes and growth you want to see in your 2017!

If you would like more focused support in 2017, do get in touch here. I would love to hear your story, and walk alongside you as you navigate your next chapters.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Love the way you smashed all those goals this year!! What’s on your list for 2017?

    I tend to choose a focus keyword rather than a specific resolution… Mine was healing for this year and it may at first look like I failed that as I end the year so ill… But in reality I have healed in so many other ways, like investing in my self care, being kinder to myself etc I’d have never noticed that if I hadn’t had a focus keyword (or at least I probably wouldn’t have looked so closely to see how I healed this year!) My word for 2017 is COURAGE 🙂

    • Dr. Rachel Cason says:

      Thanks for stopping by Amanda! I’ve got a few ideas for next year but I’m planning on spending some time tomorrow night with candles, chocolate and proper time to think them through 🙂 But project to complete is going to be my website revamp! Love your focus word… Do you have a process by which you choose one? I wouldn’t know where to start…

      • Amanda says:

        Nope, no process… I started in 2015 with the word Surrender, which came to me in prayer. I then chose Healing for 2016 because I was getting sick and knew I needed to focus on that. This year the word courage came to me as I was writing a comment on someone’s blog and I just knew it was perfect. I think sometimes we can overthink these things 😉

        Yes, website revamp, very exciting!! Can’t wait to pick it up with you in January xx

        • Dr. Rachel Cason says:

          Thanks for this… yes, we can definately overthink things! I’ll keep thinking about a word… 🙂 When you are feeling strong enough, just give me a shout and we’ll get cracking 🙂 In the meantime, Courage!

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