Writer’s Block…

Ever started a sentence a gazillion times, because no matter how you typed it, it just wouldn’t tell the story you want it to tell? Fragmented identity works this way… We start it… a few tentative words on the page, for one audience, to tell one story… and then our audience, our story, even our language, is whipped out from under us, and we start again. Another day, another identity… will the story come out as planned? 


When people come to me, they tend to be familiar with this struggle… the self, the story, they wanted to write isn’t working out somehow. They feel the pain of a frustrated identity… and want help to get a clearer vision of how to get writing their story again.

Life Story offers an analytical technique that clarifies one’s vision of the story that has been written so far… where we have come from… the significance of past events on the now.

This analysis offers a frustrated identity space to take stock, and a return of control over the story to come. We talk through how the client envisions the story ending, and work out together how to make the story ‘join up’ to acheve that end.

We work together, collaborating on your story. I re-centre you as hero of your story, and support you as you, once again, pick up your pen, and cheer you on as you meet those blank pages with less dread, and more joy and hope in the story yet to come.

Contact me at: rachelcason@explorelifestory.com to find out more, and to book a free consultation.


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